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TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light
TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light

TailBeam Pro™ | Rated #1 LED Light

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The TailBeam Pro™ LED Light is an easy-to-install LED strip with multiple lighting functions enhances daily driving!  The 60" TailBeam Pro™ LED Light is compatible with all pick up truck models new and old!

Easy Installation

It's as simple as peeling back the adhesive tape and applying the LED strip to the base of your tailgate. Once firmly into position, connect the 4 pin connector to the trailer hitch adaptor. No Drilling Required!

Quad Row Lighting 

The TailBeam Pro™ LED Light is equipped with a brand new quad row LED design that is very bright and sync's with the factory lights on your truck. Our reverse lights will help illuminate the rear of your truck, improving the amount you can see in your backup camera when in reverse!

Built To Last

Made with IP68 silicone it completely seals any gaps within the strip. More importantly, our high quality sealant is 100% resistant to harsh weather conditions. You can rest assured our TailBeam Pro™ LED Light can handle any environment and last years!

Multi Functionality

- When driving, the light will emit 70% red light
- When signaling, the light will blink yellow simultaneously with your blinker
- When breaking, the light emits 100% red light
- When in reverse, the light will release a bright white color


Common Questions

Q: Will The TailBeam Pro™ Fit My Truck?

A: To figure out if the TailBeam Pro™ will fit your truck, simply measure the width of your tailgate in inches. The TailBeam Pro™ will fit most trucks with an overall length of 60 inches.

Q: How Many LEDs Are In The TailBeam Pro™?

A: There are 432 LED’s spread out across the 60” light!

Q: What Are The Dimensions Of The TailBeam Pro™?

A: The light is 60” in length by 2” in height and .5” deep (60” x 2” x 0.5”)

Q: How Much Power Is In The TailBeam Pro™?

A: Wattage is 1w, Voltage is 12v & Amperage is .25amp.

Q: How Many Hours Will The LEDs Last?

A: Rated lifetime use of 50,000+ hours!

Q: Is It Protected During The Rain Or Snow?

A: Yes, it is 100% waterproof with a IP68 rating, we will ensure it can withstand almost any environment.

How To Install To Your Truck

Step 1: Testing & Connecting

Trucks Equipped With A 4-Pin Trailer Tow Plug: Directly plug in the 4-pin adapter and test the running, brake, and turn signal lights on. Then proceed to step two.

Trucks That Do Not Have A 4-Pin Trailer Tow Plug: Identify which wire is running, brake, turn signal, or reverse wire from the exiting trailer tow wiring. If you can’t make sure the wires, then test with a multi-meter by turning on the light orderly. The wire with voltage output is the corresponding signal wire.


Step 2: Wire The Reverse Light

Remove and unplug one of your tailights. Identify the reverse wire by activating the trucks reverse light and test each wire with a voltmeter to see which on output an 11-12V. Once you’ve found the wire, splice it with the external red wire of the TailBeam Pro™.


Step 3: Mounting

(Before mounting please make sure your turn signals are in a proper direction, because it may be in the opposite place depending on how you mounted the TailBeam Pro™.)

Unhinge and remove your vehicles tailgate. Clean surface thoroughly and make sure no dirt or dust is present, as it will reduce the strength of the adhesive tape. Prime the are with the adhesive tape brackets provided in your kit. Peel off the protective foil from the back of the TailBeam Pro™. Apply the TailBeam Pro™ left to right and press it firmly on the tailgate for 30 seconds for every 12 LEDS. Finally, test the tailgate light again to make sure no wires are loose during installation, and that all lights are properly lighting/reacting. 

Shipping & Delivery

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